AVM Technologies is much more than a software company. With the objective of providing automated solutions that maximize efficiency and profitability, we strongly believe that a sale initiates a long-term relationship. In that regard, your purchase of software is the beginning of a relationship that encompasses: Implementation Services, Needs Analysis, Data Conversion, Customized Training, and Hardware Modification and/or Upgrades.

Hardware Modification/Upgrade
At AVM Technologies we understand that your companies needs are more than just software. We provide a full service IT solution, ranging from hardware modification and upgrades to network solutions, ensuring your company operates at its best.

Implementation Services
AVM Technologies implementation services provide that assistance and assurance of a job done right. On-site services are available to help manage and oversee your implementation. AVM Technologies works hand-in-hand with your staff to make a winning team.

Data Conversion Services
Part of a successful implementation is the proper transfer of data from an old system to your new Realwise Property Management System. AVM Technologies data conversion services help you streamline the automatic conversion of your key data.

Needs Analysis
Our Needs Analysis service assists you in selecting the most appropriate equipment and platform for your needs. We tailor an implementation plan to your schedule. We help you establish and meet your internal goals to ensure that your Realwise Property Management System installation is smooth, efficient, and timely.

Realwise Payroll for Windows has been written entirely in 32-bit Microsoft visual FoxPro (which has the fastest search and retrieval speed of any PC desktop database engine) so that valuable information is almost instantly available, even as your database grows.
Realwise Payroll for Windows will let you have as many windows open at the same time as you like and you can instantly switch back and forth between them. Here is an example of how this can make you more productive:
Suppose that you are entering timecard information and you need to look-up some employee information, Instead of aborting the timecard information, you can now simply open the employee maintenance screen, find the information you need, and return to the timecard.
If you have multiple bank accounts or handle payroll for multiple companies, you will love the new plain paper check option. With this module, you use blank check stock and the program will automatically print the company name and banking information-including the funny characters at the bottom of the check! You no longer have to keep boxes of blank checks and switch paper all the time. Now you can just select the bank account to use and print the check.
Supports regular, overtime, vacation, personal, and sick pay, each with its own rate. Each employee may have six additional miscellaneous pay types which you can define. All of these pay types print on the check stub.


The Realwise Millennium Job Cost Accounting module is designed to provide the user with control over their construction or development projects. You will appreciate the ability to monitor small and large construction jobs that may be active at the same time.
Compare actual construction costs to estimated budget and vendor contracts for individual projects. Summarize costs by property or owner to get the big picture of your development activities.
A broad variety of reporting features give you the ability to track your daily, weekly and monthly activities with the click of the mouse. A complete audit trail of your records is always available. There is no limit to the length of time a project may be active!
The software is fully Integrated with the Realwise Millennium Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules. Your day to day activity can be entered right along with other non-construction activity. Realwise Millennium can identify the transaction at the source of entry and process it to the Job Cost Subledger. Realwise Millennium will post to any number of Work In Progress accounts that you need.


The Keystroke POS system combines a user-friendly interface with exceptional speed and flexibility to provide a powerful, yet affordable automated management system. Keystroke POS excels in the areas of streamlined transaction entry and the ability to quickly locate information through robust reporting and lookup functions.
The system includes many features typically found only in high-priced proprietary systems. Keystroke POS captures complete transaction details at the "Point Of Sale". Transaction history and real-time database records are stored indefinitely, so your valuable data is always ... only a keystroke away!
The Windows version of Keystroke POS includes customizable Toolbars for convenient access to frequently used functions and macros for repetitive tasks.
Access to the system and your valuable data is protected by a multi-level security system with encrypted passwords and a hidden audit trail capable of recording each and every keystroke if necessary.
Real time access to your accounting detail ensures you will know exactly what you have spent for individual job cost account codes along with their most recent budgeted and contracted balances.
As the project moves to completion and budgets or contracts are revised, review budget and contract revisions in detail. You can see exactly what happened and when.


The Inventory Option maintains information on the Inventory, Services, and Messages that appear on Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices. In addition to allowing you to maintain your inventory, this Option assists you in making adjustments to the units in stock and manufacturing kits.


Many companies purchase inventory by placing a requisition using a form called Purchase Order. A purchase order looks similar to an invoice except it is used to buy products and services. An invoice is used to sell products and services. The Purchase Order system allows you to create Purchase Orders, track them, and use them to receive inventory


The Order Entry Option is used to create Sales Orders, convert Sales Orders into Invoices, and create Invoices, Invoice Returns and Recurring Invoices. In addition, information for customers and salespeople is also tracked. The Order Entry Option works very closely with the A/R Option and it updates many A/R reports

Competitive Advantages

REALWISE MILLENNIUM software is the ONLY complete service software package that can be used in various modular configurations by:
1) The Developer (during the construction stage)
2) The Property Manager (after completion of the actual building)
3) The Asset Manager (to analyze anticipated and actual performance of properties).
4) Fee Managers (to consolidate activities and report to their respective owner/clients).

REALWISE MILLENNIUM software is a "full service" management package with long-term usability. This is unlike other companies whose software is limited
SOLELY to selected segments of real estate ownership and management.

Realwise Millennium is experience in the real estate management community has shown that clients frequently demand software modifications in order to satisfy their specific performance objectives.
Realwise Millennium is prepared to custom tailors its' software packages to meet with the specific demands of the customer. This flexibility is unique to the "turnkey" software industry, where customization is carefully avoided.